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✔ BEST QUALITY: All materials of the premium insoles are carefully selected and processed. A pair of gel pads is also included which fits into every shoe, whether for everyday shoes, sports shoes or hiking shoes.

✔ VERSATILE: The bonmedico shoe insoles can be used in a variety of ways. They are particularly suitable for office and everyday life and can be used in any shoe. The insoles are suitable for both men and women.

✔ GIFT & DELIVERY: In addition to your insoles, you will receive a free pair of gel pads, which are super light and can be used for everyday shoes, sport shoes and hiking shoes.

✔ HOW TO USE: Before using, remove any existing shoe insoles and use the markings on the underside as a guide for cutting. Before cutting the insole to size, place it in the insert. The insole should fit right into the arch of your foot so you can determine the correct size for you. Quick tip: Simply put the back of your old insole and new high-performance insole together and cut to size.

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The bonmedico shoe inserts are very comfortable. Included in the delivery is 1 pair of gel pads. You can use the insoles in any type of shoe. The insoles can be easily cut with scissors to the right size for you. Before putting the Premium shoe inserts in your shoes, do not forget to remove the old insoles from your shoes.

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