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Wedge Pillow

34,90 £

✔ UNIVERSAL: The Wedge pillow is a back cushion and is multifunctional. The wedge pillow is ergonomically shaped and can be used as a sofa and bed wedge pillow. Use it as a reading cushion in bed or on the couch, as a sofa cushion whilst surfing the web or watching tv, or as a knee cushion to elevate the legs.

✔ CLEVER DESIGN: The bed and sofa wedge pillow has a clever shape that can be used at different angles. The pillow is ideal in bed or on the sofa to elevate the upper body and legs and serves as a back or leg wedge cushion for a comfortable posture. The triangular cushion measures 60 x 50 x 30 cm and can be used as a back cushion for both men and women.

✔ ANGLES: At a steep angle, the sofa and bed wedge for the back is ideal for comfortable sitting and so the backrest cushion becomes the ideal reading cushion. At a flat angle, the bed and couch wedge ensures a comfortable lying position.

✔ COMFORT AND QUALITY: The bed and sofa back cushion has high-quality foam that provides a comfortable posture. The wedge pillow’s cotton cover is also very comfortable.

✔ HYGIENE & CARE: The bed and sofa reading cushion has an easily removable, zipped cover. When it gets dirty it can simply be machine-washed at 30°C.


The bonmedico Wedge Pillow can be used at different angles and therefore very versatile. The different angles allow you to use it for your preferred sitting and lying position. In bed or on a sofa, the cushion can be used as a backrest for reading, relaxing or even working. As a knee pillow, it serves to elevate your tired feet after a busy day. The high-quality foam filling of the wedge pillow is very comfortable. The removable, zipped cotton cover is very comfortable and can be easily washed at 30°C when it gets dirty.

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