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✔ PROTECTION: The bonmedico slip brace can be used to support the joint and muscles, as well as to relieve occurring pain in order to give the user a sense of stability and safety, and to support and monitor therapeutic measures, as well as to compensate for or prevent existing damage.

✔ HOW TO USE: The positive features of the thigh brace are further emphasized by being able to put on and take off the brace with ease. The elastic material allows the bandage to be easily stretched over the knee to stabilise the part of the thigh that needs support. It can be worn on the left or right leg and is suitable for both men and women.

✔ COMFORTABLE: The thigh brace fits perfectly to your thigh and is very comfortable. It adjusts to the leg’s shape and does not slip. The comfortable material guarantees ultimate comfort, especially where the leg bends. The thin thigh brace can be worn discreetly underneath clothing even in everyday life. This provides support to the strained leg whilst doing your daily chores or in the office.

✔ HYGIENE: The thigh brace is made out of breathable fabric. The fibres are breathable which comes in very handy when the brace is being worn during sports. The brace can be hand-washed with soap in cold water.

✔ SIZE: Please measure your thigh before ordering and choose the correct size for you. Please refer to the size chart pictured above.

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Maro thigh brace
The brace fits snugly to your thigh and gives additional stability.
The thigh brace ideally adjusts to the shape of your thigh. The elastic material not only shows its helpful features here -the elasticity of the brace is also very useful when putting on and taking off the brace. It can be worn on both the left and right leg and is discreet underneath clothing.
The thigh brace is made out of breathable fabric. If it gets dirty it can be easily washed in cold water and left to dry.
Material composition: 43& nylon / 8% elastane / 49% latex.
Please note: Please measure your thigh before ordering.

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