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✔ HOW TO USE: The Kubo elastic elbow brace stabilises and relieves pressure on your arm. The elbow pad is fastened by a Velcro strap and can therefore be adjusted to different sizes. In addition, the compression can be individually adjusted. The stronger the strap is fixed, the more support the joint is offered by the adjustable joint brace.

✔ ELBOW PROTECTION: The bonmedico elbow brace can strengthen the stability of the elbow because the brace supports your joint and muscles. Compression of the brace prevents painful incorrect movement of the wrist and relieves the musculature. With its stabilising features, the brace can be used when protection in the affected area is necessary, caused by damage or overstraining.

✔ COMFORTABLE: Putting on the brace is very easy. It can be put on and taken off in a few simple steps and is fixed using a micro- Velcro fastener. Its elastic material makes the elbow brace comfortable to wear. An anti-slip brace ensures a secure fit. The brace can be universally worn on the left or right arm and is suitable for both men and women. The thin material is hardly visible underneath clothing.

✔ HYGIENE: The Kubo joint brace by bonmedico is breathable and absorbs moisture from the inside with its specific material and therefore dries very quickly. This useful feature comes in handy when playing sports. Thanks to the anti-slip brace, it will not slip when you sweat. The brace can be simply hand-washed at 30°C with soap. The brace is free from neoprene.

✔ SIZE: Please measure your elbow before ordering. The brace is suitable for a Minimum/ Maximum circumference of 22cm / 37 cm. Length: 26.5cm. Width: 8.3cm. Please adjust the Velcro straps only enough to ensure a good fit with healthy blood circulation. The brace can be worn on either the left or right hand.


The elbow is a heavily used joint. The Kubo elbow brace by bonmedico stabilises and relieves pressure on the arm joint. Compression allows painful incorrect movement of the joint to be avoided as well as relieving the musculature. The degree of compression can be individually controlled and altered at any time with the micro-Velcro fastener. It therefore creates freedom of movement or additional support as desired. The brace can be discreetly worn underneath clothing in everyday life. The elastic material makes the brace more comfortable; the anti-slip brace stops the brace from slipping. The material absorbs moisture from the inside and dries very quickly. It can be quickly hand-washed at 30°C with some soap. The joint brace can be worn by both men and women as well as on either the left or right elbow. Please measure your elbow before ordering. Kubo is suitable for a circumference of 22cm to 37cm. Product size: 26.5cm x 8.3cm.

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